Small Batch Series #005, 6-Year Rye Finished in Rum, Toasted and Sherry


Our fifth release in the Small Batch Series is a 6-year straight rye whiskey that was finished for over a year in a combination of Caribbean rum, toasted oak and sherry casks. The whiskey was batched at just over 5 years, then spent the majority of its finishing time in rum barrels before being transferred to sherry, and then a final resting in new toasted oak casks. 

MASH BILL: 95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
60.6% ABV 

LIMITED RELEASE: 1,050 Bottles

Tasting Notes:
The nose of this whiskey shows off the influence of the rum casks with aromas of molasses, nutmeg and passionfruit. Once sipped, the impact of the sherry jumps to the fore, with flavors of toasted almond and plum before spicier notes of fennel seed and birch beer. The finish is long and complex with hints of wintergreen, licorice, and raw honey.

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