Small Batch Series #002, 16-Year Cigar Blend Whiskey


Our second Small Batch Series release is a 16-year whiskey that was distilled in Alberta, Canada and was finished for over one year in a combination of Armagnac and Port casks. The whiskey was married together in the Fall of 2023 and bottled in November at barrel proof. 

59.9% ABV

LIMITED RELEASE: 1,350 Bottles

Tasting Notes:
The nose on this whiskey is lively, showcasing a blend of freshly zested orange peel and spicy cinnamon candies. Once sipped, the flavors of dark stone fruit, such as black cherry and plum, is apparent before revealing sweeter notes of caramel and pecan pie. The finish lingers with the richness of orange-flavored chocolate and dark coffee.

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